You must avoid these foods to effectively manage hemophilia

You must avoid these foods to effectively manage hemophilia

Healthy eating is easier said than done. The difficulty multiplies when you are living with a chronic disorder. Likewise, depending on the type of hemophilia someone has been detected with, the patient may or may not need to switch to an alternative diet. For hemophilia A patients, it might not be that big a deal. But that does not discount them from choosing healthy. Since making changes to the diet is difficult yet crucial to one’s health, it helps to start small. Here are some food groups, the absence of which in the diet can benefit hemophilia patients

Saturated fats

Common knowledge suggests that everyone should steer clear of saturated fats to maintain their health. It stands truer for patients with severe illnesses, including hemophilia. Saturated fats consumption can affect the patient’s heart, kidney, digestive system, and liver. Not to mention that obesity only adds to the potential risks associated with all these illnesses.
Therefore, hemophilia patients should swap saturated fats with mono or poly unsaturated fats.

Full-fat dairy

Thanks to the calorie-conscious folks out there, everyone has access to low-fat foods. This has proven beneficial for more than just the weight-watchers. Substituting full-fat dairy products with low-fat goodness will have the added perks of multiple vitamins, minerals, and probiotics that they come with. It also saves people from the unrequired extra fat consumption.

Goodbye to the loaded goods

What we are talking about here is the foods that add to the calorie count. At the top of this list are fried foods that we all so dearly love. But, what we fail to realize is that the crispy fried wings and chicken popcorns we readily consume provide nothing more than empty calories. Apart from fried foods, you must steer clear from rich and creamy gravies and dressings.

Sugar is nice or not?

Not many of us can go a day without indulging in some sugary goodness. Although we know that it’s not ideal, we cannot help ourselves. But the damage caused by candies, chocolates, and fizzy drinks can sometimes prove to be irreversible. Besides, they only add to the calorie count, while nullifying the nutrition absorbed from other foods you consumed during the day.

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