5 key aspects of home renovation

5 key aspects of home renovation

Home renovation can be a daunting task for many homeowners. There are so many aspects in any house that need reimagining that causes people to keep delaying the process for later. There are certain parts of renovation that need to be covered. For example, roofing replacement, fixing dents and scuffs on the flooring, window replacement or repairs, cleaning the porch, and others are key home renovation elements. Here are some details that’ll help in the process:

Roofing replacement
If you’re opting for roof replacement, one must ensure that certain precautions are taken, including removing wall decorations momentarily, relocating family vehicles, relocating kids and pets to another place, clearing the yard and locking patio furniture away for a while, cutting the grass and pruning trees near the roof, covering personal belongings in the attic, letting the roof replacement workers know about all the accessible power outlets, removing antennas and satellite dishes, securing the windows, and, most importantly, letting the neighbors know about the replacement.

Repairing foundation cracks
One can repair foundation cracks on their own or get a professional to do it for them. Here are some key suggestions regarding the process. Firstly, hairline cracks in the foundation are not a serious issue. Secondly, if a new, narrow crack appears in the foundation, one can monitor it for expansion before using a crack sealer to close it. One can use a concrete crack filler to seal cracks of more than 1/8 inch. To resolve foundation leaks or cracks of more than 1/2 inch, one can hire a contractor.

Epoxy injections are a useful tool to fill foundation cracks. Also, cracks that change direction are indicative of serious structural damage.

Replacing windows
Installing new windows involves cleaning the window opening with a shop vacuum, applying flash tape to the sill and making sure that the sill is level with no bowing, dry-fitting the new window into the opening to see if it fits, applying a 3/8-inch layer of silicone caulk at the top of the frame, the sill, and the stops, place the window in the opening by resting it against the interior stops, and pressing it against the caulk, and ensuring that the window is even. One can use spray foam insulation in the gaps around the window.

Getting a professional to replace windows is also an effective option if one finds the process too complicated.

Cleaning siding and porch
One can use a simple mix of warm water and dish soap for washing one’s siding. This mixture will not wear away the protective coating on the vinyl siding. Instead, to clean the porch, one can use half a cup of oxygenated bleach and 2 gallons of warm water before scrubbing the surface thoroughly.

Fixing scuffs and dents in the flooring
One can use a fine steel wool pad to gently repair scratches that have not damaged the finish of the flooring. To fix deeper dents and scratches, using wood putty is an effective option to fill the gouges seamlessly.

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