4 human foods that cats can enjoy

4 human foods that cats can enjoy

Our pet cats are part of the family. So, it is quite normal and common to want to share your food with them. But when it comes to giving them treats off your plate, you should be careful. This is because some human foods can be harmful; however, there is an extensive list of foods that are perfectly safe for them. Read on to find out more about human foods that are safe for cats.


Fish is one of the best human foods that you can treat your pet cat to. But of course, not all fish is good for your cat. You want to stick to oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, and tuna to ensure they get the essential omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins and nutrients. Fatty fish is known to help with eyesight, reduce joint pain, and improve brain function in cats and humans. Note that it is crucial to cook any fish you are feeding your cat to avoid digestive troubles.


Meat is another great human food that you can feed your cat. They are rich in protein and provide lots of nourishment when cooked healthily. But remember, meat also contains tons of bacteria such as E.coli, which can make your cat sick. To ensure that the meat is safe for pet consumption, you need to cook, boil, or steam any meat before giving it to your pet.


Eggs are a great source of protein and contain tons of vitamin B, which is essential for their cognitive function. But again, to eliminate the risk of any food-borne diseases, it is best to boil the egg before you give it to your cat.


Small amounts of cheese could be an excellent treat for your cat. It’s high in protein and calcium. Most cats are lactose intolerant and have digestive troubles after consuming dairy products. It is vital to ensure that whatever you are feeding your cat works for them.

While treating your pet cat to some human foods is tempting, cat food is a much safer and healthier option. Here are some popular cat food and cat treat brands.


GREENIES focuses on bringing the best cat treats to all pet owners. They have different treats that provide multiple health benefits, such as oral care and healthy fur.

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild produces high-quality cat food that is filled with protein and healthy add-ons such as antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. They are completely grain-free.


This brand focuses on tailored nutrition for cats after taking into account the age, activity, and dietary needs of pets. Their cat food category offers a variety that are smartly narrowed down into categories like product type, age, and health specifications. Besides differentiating food in the said categories, IAMS also notes information in the form of a short quiz, which determines a unique nutrition plan for every cat.

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