5 foods that ease the symptoms of Crohn’s disease

5 foods that ease the symptoms of Crohn’s disease

Crohn’s disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disorder that causes a host of discomforting symptoms like inflammation in the digestive tract, pain in the abdominal area, diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, and rectal bleeding. At times, these symptoms tend to intensify and lead to a flare-up. Coping with Crohn’s disease flare-up can be extremely challenging as it can have a direct impact on your quality of life.

Diet plays a crucial role in tackling the symptoms of this disease. What you eat can either help minimize the severity of the symptoms or worsen the condition. Herein, we discuss some of the best foods you can have to relieve these painful and discomforting symptoms.

Refined grains
Refined grains are some of the best food items that you can have to relieve yourself from the symptoms of this chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Unlike whole grains, refined grain items can be easily digested. These food items contain a low content of fiber and are likely to help with the flare-up. Some of the refined grain food items you can consume to subside Crohn’s disease symptoms are white bread, rice, pasta, and pancakes.

Fully cooked vegetables
Fully cooked vegetables are known to support the digestive system’s overall health. It is advised to remove the seeds and skin of the vegetables before cooking them well. Consumption of well-cooked food will help promote the health of the gut when you are experiencing a Crohn’s disease flare-up. It lowers inflammation in the body and may reduce the frequency of bowel movements. Whether you are having asparagus or potatoes, ensure that the vegetable is fully cooked for best results.

Low-fiber Fruits
Fruits like bananas, honeydew melon, and peaches contain are low in fiber. This particular characteristic enables them to work wondrously on the symptoms of this chronic disease. These fruits to ease the discomfort and prevent the worsening of the symptoms. On the other hand, high-fiber fruits may aggravate a flare-up and cause more discomfort and pain.

Low-fat fermented dairy products
Low-fat fermented dairy products like Kefir can be used to reduce the symptoms associated with Crohn’s disease and improve the quality of life of those suffering from this chronic health condition. Kefir doesn’t just have high nutritional value but it also exhibits probiotic properties. Such foods prove to be helpful in tackling the inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and relieving abdominal pain.

Lean protein
When it comes to relieving the symptoms of Crohn’s disease, consuming lean protein can prove to be quite effective. Some of the best sources of lean protein are soy, eggs, fish, and tofu. The food items containing lean protein can ease Crohn’s disease symptoms by supporting gut health.

While experiencing a Crohn’s disease flare-up it is crucial to take proper measures to prevent the symptoms from worsening. Consume the aforementioned food items and stay away from potential trigger foods like spicy food, fiber-rich food, and dairy products.

STELARA® is used to treat adults suffering from Crohn’s disease. In some cases, it has been noticed that this treatment option affects the body’s ability to fight the infection, thereby increasing the risk of the infection. It is important to consult a physician before opting for this treatment option.

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