Top Home Remedies For Treating Diabetes Naturally

Top Home Remedies For Treating Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes has slowly become one of the most prevalent health condition affecting millions across the world, spanning different age groups. A lot of this has been a result of unhealthy lifestyles, faulty diets, lack of sufficient physical activities, and high levels of stress at home and work. Unless diabetes is kept under check through medications and natural home remedies, it will lead to an overall deterioration of your health.

How can you prevent diabetes?
Diabetes can be inherited or it can develop because of lifestyle changes. Whatever the cause, in this condition, the blood sugar levels become abnormally high. Since the condition is chronic, once you are affected by diabetes, you will be expected to take medications throughout your life. However, there are some home remedies which may be used for keeping blood sugar levels in check.

Top home remedies that can help you keep your blood sugar levels low naturally: 

  • Regular exercise
    One of the most effective and easiest ways to maintain optimum blood glucose levels is to work out regularly. When you exercise daily, you lose weight and also improve insulin sensitivity. Exercise makes the muscles utilize blood sugar to generate energy. You must also monitor your body weight regularly, and engage in activities like walking, biking, running, dancing, swimming, and hiking to maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Weight control
    Extra pounds can get in the way of you improving your overall health. Weight control keeps blood sugar levels in check. Incidentally, a 7% reduction in weight is capable of lowering the risk of getting diabetes by almost fifty-eight percent.
  • Reduce your carb intake
    It is imperative to cut down on your carb intake. With excess carbohydrate intake, the blood sugar levels spike. To control this, you can count the portion of carbs in the meals you consume every day and plan them accordingly.
  • Increase your fiber intake
    Fiber is known to absorb sugar and slow down carbohydrate absorption and soluble fibers keep blood glucose levels low. A high-fiber diet will allow you to manage type 2 diabetes effectively. To increase your fiber consumption, your diet should have more of whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Drink more water
    Keeping yourself hydrated will ensure that your blood sugar levels are within optimum limits. Water prevents dehydration, flushes out unwanted toxins from the body, and removes excess blood sugar via urine. Sugary drinks are best avoided as these heighten sugar levels, contribute to increased body weight, and heighten the risk of diabetes.
  • Control your portions
    When you eat your meals in small portions, you can keep a check on your weight. Weight control promotes healthy blood glucose levels and lowers diabetes risk. To practice portion control, you can use smaller plates and bowls, avoid choosing buffets at restaurants, and maintain a food journal. You can also read food labels for serving sizes and chew your food slowly.
  • Control your stress levels
    The best ways to alleviate stress is to engage in yoga and relaxation techniques. When you are stressed, hormones like cortisol and glucagon are released, and these can spike blood sugar levels. You must also try to get enough rest and sleep because the lack of these will affect insulin sensitivity.

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