The best innovations from Samsung in 2020

The best innovations from Samsung in 2020

Samsung has been a pioneer of innovation and technology for several decades and there is no telling what this tech giant may introduce in the coming years. This is one of the main reasons why this year’s UNPACKED event witnessed the evolution and innovation of smart products in a true technology-meets-style fashion. From the latest in flip smartphones, 5G handsets, and wireless earphones, here is an overview of what the company has to offer this year for mobile users.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
A smartphone that folds in half! Now that is innovation. The Galaxy Flip brings back fond memories of using the first-ever flip phone and combines it with the sheer computing power and utility of a smartphone. This way you get not one but two screens. When folded, read and catch-up on all notifications on the smaller front display and flip it open to use it as a regular fully-functional smartphone. It’s compact to carry when folded and the notches are barely visible when you unfold the massive 6.7-inch ultra-cool Z Flip. It is definitely one of the coolest smartphones Samsung has introduced this year. After last year’s dual-screen Galaxy Fold launch, the flip smartphone has certainly made way for newer tech in the coming years.

Samsung S20
If you are wondering whatever happened to numbers 11 through 19 in the S series, the company decided to jump ahead to commemorate its new launch with the year 2020. Launched with three stunning variants including the S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra, the tech giant has redefined innovation to fit within a 6-inch screen. With premium features comes a premium price tag so be prepared to shell out the big bucks. Each variant comes with its own hardware and software enhancement, making the next one even more valuable. Galaxy S20 is also designed to support the 5G currently available in most cities in the country. All three variants of the S20 series pack a powerful core processor, increased RAM capacity, support for massive internal and external memory, and more importantly, a bigger screen with the S20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
A smartphone is incomplete without a quality set of wireless earphones. It is built for all-day use, automatically cancels out noise, and gives you total control over calls. The Galaxy Buds Plus is designed to fit inside the ear perfectly and can pair up with most of Samsung’s devices and smartwatches. The best part, you can manage calls, music, notifications alerts, and more by just tapping on either of the buds. The touch response is quick and quite amazing given the size of the earphones.

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