Top healthcare providers that you can choose from

Top healthcare providers that you can choose from

After passing the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the discussion of making healthcare affordable was finally put to rest with the introduction of various reforms. These reforms ensure that health insurance is available to every individual in the country, regardless of what socio-economic background one may belong to.

To improve things, the Medicaid program became even more extensive by expanding the eligibility criteria of the adults with income that is below 138% of the federal poverty level. This became a huge sigh of relief for a certain section of the society who earlier could not even think of getting an insurance.

If you’re 65 and over, you already are a part of the Medicare program, so health insurance has been a part of your planning anyway. This government initiative entails different sub-categories depending on the kind of plan you enrolled for. To explain briefly, here is what the Medicare program entails:

  • Part A
    This plan covers care given to patients in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health care services and hospice care for those who are terminally ill.
  • Part B
    Part B includes doctor services, outpatient care, durable medical equipment, medical supplies, preventive services.
  • Medicare Advantage (Part C)
    Services including Parts A and B, along with additional benefits like wellness programs, hearing aids and eye exams. For eligibility, you must be enrolled in Parts A and B.
  • Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D)
    This plan is generally already included in most Part C plans and looks at covering a part of your medication costs.

These are state-regulated insurance policies, and terms vary on the benefits that you may have chosen before. You must be a Medicare Part A and B member to enroll in this plan.

Now, apart from the government-provided plans, many private companies that provide individual health care plans to all the citizens. It’s understandable that choosing the right company and going through various plans can be overwhelming, so we have compiled a few popular insurance providers for you to make an informed decision.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
This association is one of the biggest healthcare providers and has about 39 organizations across the country with almost 100 million customers. There are various categories of insurance plans that you can avail through them, and one of the popular ones is those for individuals and families. You are provided with a list of organizations that work in your city. On the basis of your location, you can find which provider you can approach to get specific information. Each provider can customize a healthcare program under this category, which works best for you and your family.
This aggregator provides a consolidated list of heath care providers in your area. Simply enter your ZIP code into their search engine bar and get a list of either health insurance or Medicare providers. Each provider will lead you to their specific website where they customize a plan that best suit your needs.

This organization comes with many categories and sub-categories of plans for its customers. You can explore insurance plans that are available in your state, and request quotes on the coverage through their website. When it comes to individuals and families, detailed insurance plans varying state to state are provided. You can get a quote by entering your ZIP code, your basic information and make an informed decision.

You may want to consider short term insurance plans if you

  • Are turning 26 and will soon not be able to be a part of your parents’ insurance plan
  • Haven’t applied for Obamacare because you missed the deadline
  • Are between jobs and are waiting for your employer to start you on the eligible plan
  • Under 65 and do not have any major ailments
  • Have applied for Obamacare but are waiting for the plan to start
  • Are reaching your Medicare plan and need something temporarily

Their dental insurance plans cover your basic dental care requirements and help you get dental services under a budget. These services can be at either the preventive, basic, or major treatments stage.

The supplemental insurance plans provided by them cover hospital and doctor insurance, vision insurance, term life insurance, global travel, among others. You can choose your requirement and get quotes for the same.

Aetna is one of the largest health insurers in the country. It provides many affordable options for individuals as well as families, including preventive care, office visits, hospitalizations, and immunizations. You can explore different providers on their website and you can get in touch with agents for customized quotes for your requirement. A few click of buttons can get you affordable healthcare quotes.

Health insurance is an important step in your future planning, and it is vital you explore all the possible options. Compare costs and plans and make an informed decision that benefit you individually, and every member of your family. Remember, the alternative to insurance is self-pay, and huge hospital bills can further add to your stress.

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