5 Popular Creams to Relieve Eczema Symptoms in Babies

5 Popular Creams to Relieve Eczema Symptoms in Babies

Eczema, which is a skin condition in which the skin becomes red, dry, rough, cracked, and particularly itchy, occurs one in every 5 children. It is otherwise also known as atopic dermatitis. It generally can begin from birth itself but is often prominent when the child is around 2–3 months. It has been noted that one out of every ten mothers has to deal with this condition in their babies. However, there is nothing to panic as it generally goes away with age and it is not a chronic or persistent condition. It can be treated easily and is not an unusual occurrence among infants. They tend to outgrow it eventually. However, certain kids tend to continue to have dry skin even in their adulthood.

An infant can be treated with a suitable baby eczema cream that suits the baby’s skin and eventually soothes the itchiness and redness of the skin. Understanding which cream is suitable is essential as a cream for treating eczema may suit one while not the other. This would depend on the trigger of the condition, skin type, and a few other factors.

Generally, the condition is visible on the legs and arms and mostly on the cheeks. However, the condition can appear just about anywhere on the body.

The condition can be triggered due to the presence of certain allergens, chemicals, or environmental surroundings such as pet fur, food allergy, pollen, and dust mites.

Primary causes of eczema in babies

  • Heredity – It can be passed to the infant through a parental gene. For instance, if one of the parents has it, then the infant is likely to contract the condition as well.
  • Skin issues – Any other skin-related condition which results in germs and bacteria settling on the skin can be a trigger.
  • Lack of ceramides – Ceramides are fatty cells of the skin that help moisturize the skin. When the skin creates lesser ceramides, the water content in the skin reduces making it extremely dry. This could also lead to the development of the condition.

Factors that can worsen eczema:

  • Dry skin
  • Irritants
  • Sweat
  • Heat
  • Stress
  • Allergens

Precautions to be taken to avoid itching
Keep the baby from scratching itself as it can worsen the rash and result in an infection. It could also make the skin appear rough and leathery.

Keep their nails trimmed regularly and file them softly. One can also put on socks or mittens on their hands to avoid scratching and making this condition worse.

Need for a baby eczema cream
The use of steroids should be avoided on the baby’s skin as they can be harmful. On consulting with a doctor, one can also choose among topical creams which are specially designed to suit the baby’s skin. These creams are safe as they are certified and even recommended by dermatologists.

Generally, a fragrance-free eczema cream is recommended by dermatologists for babies; however, even one having a mild fragrance can be considered suitable. One should, however, consult a doctor before buying eczema creams for babies. Some of the most popular creams currently available in the market are AVEENO®, Cetaphil, and A-DERMA.

Listed below are 5 popular baby eczema creams that one can opt for

AVEENO® Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream: This eczema cream for babies is clinically approved. It helps provide relieves itchiness and soothes the skin and even moisturizes the baby’s skin thoroughly. This eczema cream for babies also helps alleviate skin irritation and is highly recommended by dermatologists. By moisturizing the skin, it helps avoid the recurrence of dry skin on the body. It comprises lipids and ceramides which enrich the skin’s natural texture and also revitalizes it.

A-DERMA Exomega Emollient Cream: This cream is considered ideal for extremely dry skin types. It soothes and makes skin smooth and vitalizing. It also makes the skin irritation free by moisturizing it extensively, thereby aiding in cutaneous shielding. This eczema cream for babies helps make the skin supple as well as soft. This cream comprises polyphenols as well as Rhealba® oat extract which aid in skin components which are responsible for providing relief from skin irritation. It also contains omega-6 fatty acids which stimulate ceramides and its synthesis.

Manuka Honey Eczema Lotion: Abundant in emollients and having a good texture, this lotion helps moisturize deep layers of the skin. It comprises beeswax and organic tree nut free oils that help nourish the skin gently. It’s an oil-based cream that is made from the Manuka bush that is classified under tea trees and is also a well-known remedy for dry skin. This eczema cream possesses a greater content of methylglyoxal that offers relief from irritation and itchiness caused due to eczema.

Cetaphil Restoraderm Skin Restoring Moisturizer: This eczema cream by Cetaphil is a popular choice that is recommended by skin specialists all over the world. This cream gets absorbed thoroughly by the skin and is also fragrance-free. This cream helps alleviate red, dry, and itchy skin quickly as the cream is thick in consistency.

Wild Naturals Eczema & Psoriasis Skin Cream: This eczema cream for babies comprises all natural components. It has been proven to provide relief from the symptoms of eczema as it moisturizes the skin deeply.

Seeking medical consultation is extremely important in the case a baby has developed eczema as their skin is extremely sensitive. It is recommended to choose a baby eczema cream that fits and matches the baby’s skin type and thereby aids in relieving and treating eczema symptoms.

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