5 common mistakes to avoid when making a hotel reservation

5 common mistakes to avoid when making a hotel reservation

Planning for a vacation is fun. Thinking about the exciting places you’re going to visit, new cuisine, and entertainment adventures can lift your spirits. And since you can arrange everything from hotels to restaurant reservations online in advance, there’s not much running about to do. However, you must be cautious. Some holiday deals may sound too appealing to be true. A mistake while booking a hotel could cost you money and spoil your vacation.

Not asking for refundable bookings
If paying in advance, one of the biggest hotel booking mistakes to avoid is taking a non-refundable room. A non-refundable package may be cheaper, but travel plans can change abruptly. If you decide to shift your holiday destination and need to cancel, you may have to pay the penalty. So always book a room that comes with refundable rates and free cancelation.

Going for the cheapest rooms available
A lower price doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best deal. With hotels, you must also read customer reviews while comparing the rates online. There’s a good reason the room is listed for a discount. So, find out what it is before confirming a reservation. Also, use pricing comparison tools available on booking websites. They fetch live updated deals and provide a side-by-side comparison of nearby hotels.

Getting influenced solely by travel suggestions
Watching travel videos and reading about the tips to plan your next vacation is fine. But don’t get carried away. What worked for these influencers on their travel plan may not be the best for you. Consider such suggestions only after researching to see if they suit your itinerary. Many travel writers and vloggers upload sponsored content from time to time. Understand the difference between a genuine and paid review and avoid making this hotel booking mistake.

Booking last-minute sell-off deals
When hotels struggle to fill up to capacity, third-party websites swing into action to offer the cheapest rates for the available room. But beware of such spur-of-the-moment deals. They could be the worst rooms to check into. A compromised view, rooms close to the elevators, and those on sub-basement floors are not desirable for enjoying your vacation. There are plenty of ways to lower the cost, but cutting back on decent amenities is a typical hotel booking mistake to avoid.

Refusing professional advice
We get it! You want to do all the research and consider recommendations from friends and family for your next trip. This may work fine for domestic travel. But if planning to go abroad, don’t hesitate to contact travel advisors or an agency specializing in international bookings. Professional consultants refer good hotels, restaurants, entertainment options, and guided tours for a particular location best suited for your travel itinerary. You might also get the best deals with all amenities, not necessarily for a premium price.

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