5 common Medicare mistakes to avoid

5 common Medicare mistakes to avoid

Navigating Medicare can be a complex and overwhelming process, but understanding the common mistakes to avoid can help you make informed decisions and maximize your healthcare coverage. It is important to explore the pitfalls many Medicare beneficiaries encounter to make the right choice. Aside from that, learning practical tips to help you steer clear of these mistakes can prove beneficial for you and your family. On that note, here are some mistakes to avoid:

Not comparing plans
The coverage that comes with your original Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan comes from a private insurer. This means the coverage benefits can change each year. Your prescription may cost more as compared to the year before. It might not be covered under your plan. On the contrary, you can find a plan that will cover it at a cheaper price.

Not understanding enrollment periods
One of the most critical mistakes is not being aware of the specific enrollment periods for Medicare. Missing these deadlines can result in penalties and gaps in coverage. Understanding the Initial Enrollment Period, Special Enrollment Period, and Annual Enrollment Period is essential. Have an in-depth conversation with your agent and ask them to explain each enrollment period in detail, providing insights on when and how to enroll to avoid potential penalties and ensure continuous coverage.

Assuming your providers are always covered
This is one area where a lot of Medicare customers make mistakes. If you have an agent, you can task them with regularly checking the fine print. When you sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan, you are typically confined to a network of doctors and healthcare providers covered by the plan. You must check that your preferred doctors, clinics, or healthcare centers are covered in the plan you are getting ready to sign up for.

Assuming your plan has no revisions
It isn’t a given that your existing Medicare plan will stay the same. If anything, you should be regularly checking for changes that have been made to it. October to December is generally when most people switch or add to their existing Medicare coverage. Check for any upcoming changes that are going to be made to your plan. If you like them, stick with your plan; if not, you can find a different plan that suits you better. As a Medicare Advantage customer, you will likely receive an Annual Notice of Change (ANOC). This will contain all the necessary details regarding your plan. All you need to do is make sure you are reading it carefully and making an informed decision.

Only looking at the monthly premium
Your monthly premium is not all you will have to pay for your healthcare expenses. It is only a part of the expenses. What about the out-of-pocket payments you will have to make? It is important to factor other deductibles and co-pays into the equation. In addition to these charges, check the rules concerning prescription treatments you might already be taking.

Not asking enough questions
Through all these mistakes, you will be able to learn about a common thread: the importance of being educated about your available options. It is crucial to understand a plan entirely before investing in it. If you are hesitant about asking your physicians, ask your broker or friends and family with Medicare. There are plenty of resources you can get information from to decide on a plan that fits your budget and can accommodate your well-being and lifestyle.

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