5 common asthma triggers you should know about

5 common asthma triggers you should know about

5 common asthma triggers you should know about

As per statistics, one out of every thirteen people suffers from asthma. If you are also one of them or are acquainted with somebody who is affected with asthma, here are some common asthma triggers you should know of. Knowing about the possible triggers can help you prevent serious incidents from taking place.

  • Tobacco smoke

As we all know, smoking tobacco is one of the most unhealthy habits to have. It is extremely harmful to everybody, especially those who have asthma. This not only harms the people smoking it but also those around them, especially if they have asthma. In fact, passive smoking is one of the most common asthma triggers that you should know about. For people who have asthma, staying away from places that have high exposure to secondhand smoke is highly advisable.

  • Dust mites

Dust mites are extremely tiny bugs which are found in nearly every home. For people with asthma, dust mites can be one of the biggest triggers. In order to prevent attacks due to dust mites, use clean mattress covers as well as pillow covers. Your sheets should be cleaned at least once a week and washed in hot water. In case, you have too many stuffed toys, decluttering your bedding often and dusting these would also be helpful.

  • Cockroaches
    Although this is a lesser-known fact, cockroaches can be one of the biggest triggers for asthma attacks. Their droppings can cause major respiratory problems. To avoid this, call a professional to get rid of cockroaches in the house. You can also start by removing any exposed food and water sources as far as possible. Cockroaches are mainly found loitering in places where crumbs are left behind. Additionally, you should thoroughly vacuum the whole area and use gels or traps to get rid of cockroaches.
  • Air pollution
    One of the most common asthma triggers is in fact pollution. Cars, factories, and other sources of smoke play a huge role in the contribution to this. We recommend that you get a mask to protect your nose while you travel in highly polluted areas. Try to avoid going to industrial areas completely.
  • Furry pets
    Here is some sad news for all pet lovers. People who suffer from asthma should stay away from furry animals. Pet fur and even feces can trigger an asthma episode. Common household pets such as dogs and cats are known to trigger asthma. Consult a doctor before you decide to house a pet, as this could lead to severe complications.

In order to avoid any serious instances, always keep an inhaler with you. It is always better to avoid attacks before they become life-threatening. With knowledge about the aforementioned common asthma triggers, you can handle your or your loved ones’ asthma in a much more effective manner.

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