4 popular senior cell phone plan providers

4 popular senior cell phone plan providers

Choosing a cell phone plan today is nothing short of a hassle, with dozens of providers offering services on 4G and 5G enabled networks. Our advice is to always choose a no-contract service that can be easily canceled at any time. This step is especially suitable for seniors who are on the lookout for basic and affordable services. Here are four popular network providers that offer reasonable prepaid cell phone plans for seniors.

Lively (formerly Jitterbug)
If mobile data and hotspot sharing is not a priority, seniors can certainly opt for Lively Direct cell phone plans starting at around $20/month. These plans are suitable for seniors who already own the Jitterbug Flip2 and Jitterbug Smart3 cellphones. Note that data is not included in the plan, and all plans can be topped up with the Health & Safety package add-ons that offer exclusive medical alert services. Charges for the emergency assistance start at around $20/month and are still quite the bargain to ensure timely help.

TracFone remains to be one of the preferred options for those who prefer a minimal cellular service. Their no contract limited talk and text prepaid plans for seniors start at around $15/month. Users even earn reward points that can be redeemed for additional minutes, text, and even data services with the provider. Unlimited plans with limited talk and text start at around $20/month.

Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile offers the ultimate prepaid plan package for seniors starting at just around $15/month. Customers aged 55 and older can avail unlimited talk and text with free international calls to Mexico and Canada. Seniors also get 4GB of data that is renewed each month on both 4G and 5G enabled networks. Mint offers one of the most affordable prepaid cell phone plans for seniors but the catch being offers may change after three months of subscription.

Boost is one of the nation’s largest 4G and 5G network providers that offer no contract plans starting at $15 for limited data. But seniors who go online regularly can consider the prepaid 5G enabled unlimited talk and text plan that offers 10GB of data for a that costs around $35/month. While this prepaid plan may not be the cheapest, this subscription is still better owing to the double data limit.

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