10 Natural Alternatives to Shrink Uterine Fibroids

10 Natural Alternatives to Shrink Uterine Fibroids

Leiomyomata or Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous tumors and are generally found on the uterus. Leiomyomata or uterine fibroids are mostly seen among women, and it is unfortunate that there are no such symptoms to identify it. There are many reports on leiomyomata or uterine fibroids, wherein the patients suffer from heavy bleeding or severe pain. It is important to visit the doctor if you are facing similar pain or heavy bleeding. Fibroids can be prevented, and if you are wondering how to shrink fibroids naturally, this article highlights the matter.

There are numerous treatments for leiomyomata or uterine fibroids, and we have compiled some of the many remedies available so that you can get an idea on the treatment and take adequate actions depending on your conditions. However, it always better to first consult your doctor.

Avoid Foods that Worsen the Condition
Foods play an important role in developing uterine fibroids; hence, you should keep an eye on your food habits. We recommend you to avoid several types of foods to get rid of your problem, some of them are as follows:

Processed Meats and High Fat
If you are wondering how to shrink fibroids naturally, you can start by avoiding the consumption of high-fat processed meat. Doing so can help you shrink fibroids naturally. Processed and non-organic foods contain unhealthy fats, and they can aggravate the inflammation. Such foods also contain toxic chemical additives that are not suitable for your diet.

Refined Sugar and Conventional Dairy
We also recommend you to avoid refined sugar and conventional dairy products as they both contain harmful chemicals and steroids that can affect your hormone levels. Refine sugar can also endorse inflammation and it leads to weight gain.

Alcohol and Caffeine Consumption
You should avoid alcohol and caffeine to prevent uterine fibroids in an effective and natural way. These ingredients are not ideal in such conditions, and it can lead you to increased inflammation and encourages hormonal imbalances. It would be better to avoid these ingredients during the treatment.

Eat Foods that Help Relieve Fibroids
Food habits play a vital role to treat your uterine fibroids effectively. You should include some foods to get well soon. Foods rich in iron and beta-carotene, green vegetables, whole grains, and flaxseeds are very useful for fibroids. You should change your diet if your condition does not recommend it. These foods are mainly prepared without toxic chemicals and organic foods also positively contribute to maintaining the estrogens level and other hormones. You should also consume vitamin-K rich foods like vegetables, cabbage, broccoli, etc to reduce uterine fibroids in women.

Supplements Aiding in Fibroid Reduction
Nowadays, you can get numerous supplements to treat your uterine fibroids. We recommend you to consult with your physician before trying a new supplement. Some of the popular supplements available are as follows:

  • Vitex (400 Milligrams, 2 times a day)
  • B-complex (50 milligrams regularly)
  • Milk thistle (150 milligrams, 2 times a day)
  • Progesterone cream (quarter teaspoon)
  • Fish Oil (1,000 milligrams regularly)/Flaxseed Oil (1 tablespoon regularly)

Essential Oils
Frankincense, clary sage, and thyme are among the best essential oils to treat your fibroid naturally. These essential oils help the patients to fix the hormonal imbalance naturally. We recommend you to consult your physician regarding the dosage and application process.

Herbal Teas
Herbal tea is an effective ingredient to naturally shrink fibroids. Experts state that herbal tea is highly beneficial to reduce inflammation and maintain the right hormone levels. Herbal teas are usually made from different herbs like red raspberry, milk thistle, dandelion root, yellow dock, chaste berry, and nettle and these herbs are very effective for the treatment of fibroid.

Castor Oil Packs
Castor oil packs are effective to eliminate harmful toxins from our body, and you can use it to treat your fibroid. There is an anti-inflammatory element found in Castor oil, and previous studies have shown the effectiveness of ricinoleic acid in detoxification.

Avoid Exposure to Environmental Toxins
Environmental toxins like synthetic fertilizers, food preservatives, herbicides, and toxic cleaners can affect our health, and we recommend you to avoid these products as much as possible. Try purchasing organic and unbleached feminine care products.

If you are still wondering how to shrink fibroids naturally, exercise is the answer. Regular exercise offers numerous health benefits, and it has many inflammatory effects as well. It helps in maintaining the weight, blood sugar level and hormonal balance and more.

Numerous risk factors that lead to fibroids easily. Age, diet, heredity, race, early menstruation and high blood pressure come under the common risk factors for fibroids. Nowadays you can find different options for treating your fibroids, and you can treat it naturally. Try the above-mentioned methods to confirm the effectiveness.

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